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Electronic Cigarette – STOP smoking & Shisha today. (Dubai)  
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Title Electronic Cigarette – STOP smoking & Shisha today.
Price AED 350 Location Dubai
Description Electronic Cigarette – STOP smoking & Shisha today.

A perfect gift for your family, friends and beloved ones. The world’s best seller electronic cigarette. One of the main attractions of the Electronic Cigarette is that it contains no tar, no cancer causing substances or any other harmful chemicals. These Electronic Cigarette have the obvious effect to reduce smoking frequency and thus reaches these three objectives as reducing smoking, replacing smoking and smoking kill. Electronic Atomizers produce no harm to secondhand smoke and cause no harm on the people around. Electronic Cigarette are the best choice for quit smoking.

The electronic cigarette kit gives you two ways to charge up your e-cigarette: either with the USB charger provided, or with the normal main adapter that allows you to plug into the wall outlet.

You can fill up the tank system e-cigarette device liquid with several flavors – flavors including: apple, mint, strawberry , red bull, marboro and regular varieties nicotine.

Packing The original ego t starter kit includes:

2 x electronic cigarette with theirs battery? + adapter charger + can also use as usb Charger? + Inhaler tips

NOTE: E-cigarette liquid does not included in the kit.

User? - For cigarette smokers and who love shisha ? - Who working in the space where is smoking bans.? - Who willing to stop smoking.?Uses in official location? Mall, restaurant, cafe, cinema, Theatre, Hospital, Library or other nonsmoking place.

Competitive Advantage of e-cigarette:
1. No light, no burning, no tar, no real smoke and horrible smells.?2. Harmless to others and environment.?3. No danger of second-hand smoking.?4. Smoking in a public place.?5. Enable smokers to abstain from smoking non-painfully.?6. Give up smoking in four steps.?7. Save the smoking cost 80% each year.?8. No ignition and no fire hazards.
9. Health electronic cigarette is an alternative cigarette, which looks like a real cigarette, tastes like a real cigarette and smokes like a real cigarette, it is equipped with a replaceable cigarette filter, it does not contain tobacco.
10. Health electronic cigarette works on rechargeable batteries.

Interested reply by email: Jobs-917@hotmail.com or call 0528179404
ONLY 350 dhs for the kit, free delivery within uae
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